Abstract without Abstraction is dedicated to deepening listeners relationships to time, liberation, joy, and resistance within the teeming entanglements of contemporary music.

AW/OA 047: Power Bottom Electronics [mixed by wngdu]

AW/OA 048

Visions of Love at the End of the World [mixed by Dana / دانا]

Separation, celebration, remembrance, rejoicing & rejoining. The circles and cycles of what we go through and why we choose to do this thing called DJing are embodied, amplified, and perfectly paced in this incredible contribution to our humble mix series; recorded before an intimate gathering of friends in the woods outside of Chicago by a DJ, producer, and friend we have long-admired, Dana. Clocking in at just over 2 hours and 15 minutes, the trip is rowdy, decisive, and emotional. Do yourself a favor, dear listener, and shine your light through this ebullient prism to catch visions of love at the end of one world, and the beginning of many others.

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AW/OA 047: Power Bottom Electronics [mixed by wngdu]

AW/OA 047

Power Bottom Electronics [mixed by wngdu]

wngdu is the alias of Iranian, Denver-based DJ, journalist, painter, and organizer Padideh Aghanoury. One of the founders of The Human Cluster Project and member of the (now-defunct) Seattle-based collective, TUF, Padi has been a long-time friend of AW/OA and close colleague of previous contributors, D's Dilemma & Safiyah.

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AW/OA 046


Mixtape of unknown origin; pirate radio signal; one-dimensional Resident; abandoned numbers station; VLF aberrance; no credit; refuse the name game;

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AW/OA 045


In celebration of International Womxn's Day, Denver crew 'Yes Yes Oh Yes' founder and 'Human Cluster Project' affiliate, M.Lin brings us a vibrant mix featuring the kaleidoscopic sounds of contemporary femme, AFAB & non-binary producers across all manner of ambient, house, techno, acid, and experimental wavelengths.

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AW/OA 044: Believe In Winter [mixed by H Lite]

AW/OA 044

Believe In Winter [mixed by H Lite]

Honoring the heartening, cold, clear new moon in Aquarius and the changing seasons of our listening, we here at AW/OA could not be more touched to be able to present this beautiful, long-overdue 'holiday' mix from Denver's H Lite.

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AW/OA 043: Mischa Lively 4 Abstract without Abstraction

AW/OA 043

Mischa Lively 4 Abstract without Abstraction

"At the end of 2019, ilind and I discussed me recording a mix for their series Abstract without Abstraction. Nearly a year later, after adapting to quarantine, I finally submitted a mix to them. I selected important records from my personal history (plus a few newer acquisitions) and focused on the long blend, honoring mood and song structure. No longer having a monthly DJ slot, this is a snapshot of what I might’ve played during hour 1 of 5 at Duke’s had the pandemic never took hold." - Blake Barton

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AW/OA 042: ADHD Love [mixed by D's Dilemma]

AW/OA 042

ADHD Love [mixed by D's Dilemma]

A postcard, an au revoir, a energetic time capsule, and transmission of sincerity; this episode of Abstract without Abstraction presents the debut release from D's Dilemma, a DJ and intimate friend of the AW/OA family, recently relocated from Denver to Paris.

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AW/OA 041: Is There Anything it's Like to a Brutal Poodle? [mixed by Ponk]

AW/OA 041

Is There Anything it's Like to a Brutal Poodle? [mixed by Ponk]

So all we can say is that we're glad to have received this love letter to techno from Matt Miville (here recording under his Ponk moniker), delivered over the course of this new-moon-in-Gemini weekend when we're celebrating the birthdays of Arthur Russell, Sun Ra, and most explicitly in this mix, hearing Ponk's celebration of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, which is held every Memorial Day weekend, here in the US.

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AW/OA 040: Because Is In Your Mind [mixed by Ethan Brown]

AW/OA 040

Because Is In Your Mind [mixed by Ethan Brown]

"I am thrilled to present you this mix, which was recorded at WNUR’s radio studio live on air for my show, Inbound, in Evanston, Illinois. It was recorded in early 2020, and although that feels like an eternity ago now, the sounds still feel relevant and immediate to what we’re all going through. This was my submission mix for Gays Hate Techno Campout, which has been canceled. Gays Hate Techno has been one of our community’s special little oases , and it’s beyond heartbreaking to see it go because of Covid19."

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AW/OA 039


Here at Abstract without Abstraction we've become convinced over the past year that SAFIYAH_, an OKC-born, Denver-based DJ and producer, is the logical inheritor and embodiment of the strange, alchemical crossings revealed by Stapleton in that moment.

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AW/OA 038: SUN BREAK [mixed by Blaire]

AW/OA 038

SUN BREAK [mixed by Blaire]

Welcoming Boston's BLAIRE, who we first came to know through the series of mixes, 'in the dance room', which documents their swift development as a selector and DJ, is an immense pleasure.

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Green Youth Heattech by H Lite

Green Youth Heattech

H Lite

AW/OA 037: Mixed by Nico Tobon

AW/OA 037

Nico Tobon

In this, the 37th installment of our increasingly itinerant, wayward series, we are dearly touched to found the new year by offering a mix composed by the Denver-based DJ Nico Tobon.

In the DJs own words:

“Over the last couple years I have become fascinated by our use of language and I wanted to explore enunciation in particular within this mix. How words, however meaningless, take on new meaning when they are spoken. Some of the vocals used in these tracks, despite being unintelligible, can be quite evocative. To be able to derive meaning from hearing a foreign language or something algorithmically generated suggests a deeper connection to each other as humans as well as to the abstract representations of ourselves. More than anything, this mix is simply characteristic of my current musical interests -- rhythmically intriguing, textural, and always rooted in the psychedelic.”

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extenuating circumstances 1 - candescent

extenuating circumstances 1


Each week through the New Year, Abstract without Abstraction will be releasing an unreleased sequence in California-based artist Candescent's "extenuating circumstances" mix series.

Recorded in the Winter of 2011/2012, each part of the 4-part series places two drastically slowed down techno tracks next to each other in an unfussy vignette, allowing one to appreciate them -- like flurries settling in a snow globe -- at a different speed.

For fans of DJ Screw, Lone Wolf, Happy Slowcore, Cherry Moon on Valium, sub-100bpm techno.

In the spirit of the title of these "screwed, not chopped" mixes, the recordings will be offered as pay-what-you-will downloads, with all proceeds going directly to Denver Homeless Out Loud - a horizontal, consensus-based group working to protect the rights of those experiencing homelessness in the greater Denver metro area.

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AW/OA 036: Electro Body Music [mixed by Adam 2]

AW/OA 036

Electro Body Music [mixed by Adam 2]

Adam 2 is a Vancouver-based DJ who helps run the Sustainable Rave Resources and Wax Time parties (with DJ Overland and Zander, respectively) in BC. For this episode, we're happily turned on our head, as Adam 2 throws a wrench in the recent tempo-machinery of the series, opting to present a mix of slow-burning grooves full of tension that center around 100bpm and reflect the descent of the seasons towards the hibernal solstice. Sleaze & sustain. It can always go slower; it can always get steamier.

For those in the Vancouver area, fix your radar on their gig opening for Randomer this coming February. For everyone else, discover more at soundcloud @adamtwo & FB at /adam.two

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AW/OA 035: schranznoise [mixed by 7HEADS]

AW/OA 035

schranznoise [mixed by 7HEADS]

In the language of myth and various psychotherapies, one often finds equivalence drawn between the sea and the unconscious; la bête de la mer (the beast of the sea) figured to represent a form of pre-conscious animality glossed variously as repressed desire, shadow, impulse, or libidinal excess at foundation of our humanities. As anyone who has ever encountered a whale or dolphin knows, however, the beatitude and grandeur of these creatures belies the modern monster-under-your-bed denigrations of their symbolic form.

In a sense appropriate to the season, 7HEADS' debut mix of Schranz, Hardtechno, and Hard Tek dappled with Japanoise asks us to confront our understandings of aggression, force, and chaotic emotion as they show up in creative expression. In what sense are each of us, as listeners and producers in Kali Yuga, obliged- if not invited in- to become the eyes of our respective storms?

7HEADS is a Louisiana-born student of counseling & psychotherapy raving in Denver, Colorado

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AW/OA034: Wandering Through the Swamp of Sadness [mixed by Acid Daddy]

AW/OA 034

Wandering Through the Swamp of Sadness [mixed by Acid Daddy]

As Abstract without Abstraction was coming into being, there were a handful of projects that served as direct inspiration for the series. Of those, Acid Daddy's DIESELcast is exemplary. jarvi (aka Acid Daddy) is a Detroit-born, Chicago-based DJ, organizer, label head (at the recently launched @identityspectrumrecords) and member of the Naughty Bad Fun Collective crew. Above, beyond, and because of those things, jarvi is also a vocal proponent of discourse on non-binary identity and Taurean gardener, catalyzing and tending to spaces (sound-space, event-space, relationship-space) where queer energies of acceptance, being, and becoming can flourish. In their contribution to AW/OA, "Wandering Through the Swamp of Sadness", we are given glimpse into their vision of mix-as-worldmaking; mix-as-portal; mix-as-reconciliation and therapeutic return.

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AW/OA033: FLUF Records Showcase [mixed by ilind]

AW/OA 033

FLUF Records Showcase [mixed by ilind]

In this episode, Abstract without Abstraction is proud to present our first label showcase, focusing exclusively on the work released on the Copenhagen-based computer-music label, FLUF. Discover more at fluf.space flufrecs.bandcamp.com and https://soundcloud.com/flufrecs

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Bubbling by Jed Logsdon

Bubbling E.P

Jed Logsdon

Jed Logsdon's Bubbling E.P. is a continuation of the composer & synthesist's idiosyncratic articulation of forms based in the languages of contemporary computer music, granular synthesis, and musique concrète.

Developing from previous releases on Laser Palace Records -- Magic Cap (2013), Ancillary (2011), and the split release with Candescent (2010) -- Bubbling is, in the words of the artist, "steeped in West Coast Improvisation and old wave minimalism; a dense amalgam of things past and present, from our home to yours”.

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AW/OA 032: Enemy of Progress [mixed by Rosa Lee]

AW/OA 032

Enemy of Progress [mixed by Rosa Lee]

"This mix was inspired, thematically, by two proposals: First, Jello Biafra's claim, which bookends this mix via Manu Le Malin sampling Ice-T, that "the number one enemy of progress is questions." Second, Liza 'N' Eliaz's insistence that [paraphrasing the liner notes to a 1994 mix CD] while hardcore techno is often perceived as aggressive or violent, this understanding misses the difference between violence and intensity.

I've tried to create a varied but intense and immersive industrial hardcore mix, light on recognizable sounds, in order to push the body-mind to move in unexpected ways and journey to unforeseen places, to ask new and forgotten questions against the catastrophe of progress. I often think that the best techno is made by a washing machine with a rock in it or your cellphone when it falls in the toilet and now won't stop vibrating or waves crashing against cliffs or the wind against your face or..."

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AW/OA 031: Positive Change [mixed by ChadKid]

AW/OA 031

Positive Change [mixed by ChadKid]

Senses of clearing and cleansing are deeply appreciated as we, in the troubled northern hemisphere, move into summer solstice month. And those senses are deeply felt in this supremely chill offering from the midwest selector, ChadKid.

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AW/OA 030: Liquid Percussive [mixed by Sis Girl]

AW/OA 030

Liquid Percussive [mixed by Sis Girl]

A full moon, Easter (Ēostre) weekend, the beginning of Pesach, finally feeling the dehiscence of Spring; of everything that happened two weeks ago, perhaps one of the most serendipitous was being able to finally meet Sis Girl, the recent San Francisco transplant and co-organizer of MESH, an all-inclusive queer dance party based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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AW/OA 029: Gadder's Automated Gay Leisure St(r)eam

AW/OA 029

Gadder's Automated Gay Leisure St(r)eam

For this installment of Abstract without Abstraction we're back in Oakland, joined by Gadder. Gadder is an California-based DJ and one half of Loose Conditions - a monthly showcase of locals doing nifty things with dance music.

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AW/OA 027: tECHNO ALLAH's NYE 2018 Mix

AW/OA 028

Radio Maghreb [mixed by فناء (fana)]

فناء (fana), who first crossed our radar by way of their Disco Paradiso night, is a Cleveland-based organizer, DJ, and producer of Kurdish/Moroccan/Southern Mediterranean descent with an EP, “Ancestor Syndrome”, due out on Crisis Urbana in 2019.

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AW/OA 027: tECHNO ALLAH's NYE 2018 Mix

AW/OA 027


Alright, why not fit one more mix in before the end of the year? In anticipation of their first, self-titled album, Abstract without Abstraction is honored to host techno Allah, the Denver-based gabber princess. A perfect sister-mix to DJ Dreamcast’s, this mix finds techno Allah (aka Aisha Jeylani) running the gamut from their eponymous genre through footwork, speed garage, and breakcore, with all manner of 160+ scorchers in between. It’s an ascendent, frenetic mix to crack the turning of the calendar wide open. For those whose 2018 is better left unremembered, let her offering cauterize it.

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AW/OA 026: DJ Dreamcast's Mixxcraft

AW/OA 026

DJ Dreamcast's Mixxcraft

Emerging from the winter solstice, AW/OA is thrilled to present a fierce slab of realness from DJ Dreamcast (aka Jesse James Alexander). The diverse, nostalgic, and aggressively queer Bay-area promoter, DJ, and don of the midweek Folsom Street drag rave Club Shevil, DJ Dreamcast's lifestyle, warmth, and ear have been an enduring inspiration for Abstract without Abstraction and are a welcome way to round out the year. As a producer, their 'Guardian Forces', 'Places I've Lived', and 'Cloudbusting' EPs are must-hears for a voice that winds it's way through nuanced techniques and thrives on the transformative power of the club.

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AW/OA 025: Remount [mixed by Manny 'Nuff]

AW/OA 025

Remount [mixed by Manny 'Nuff]

The ends-of-years, with their planetary rotations, hibernations, sheddings, rejuvenations, and regenerations mark a certain pause or contain a condensed (frustrated) energy of emergence. This time, we mark that moment with a welcomed contribution from Mansour Al-Amin-Dyer. In his words, Mansour is "on a path of rediscovery in order to construct his own brand of authenticity. The mix I have presented for AW/OA, as Manny 'Nuff, is another exercise in mining the more nuanced bits that connect yesteryear into the present and beyond.

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AW/OA 024: In My Feelings Vol. 3 [mixed by Mx. Oops]

AW/OA 024

In My Feelings Vol. 3 [mixed by Mx. Oops]

Mx. Oops is a multimedia performance artist living in New York City & teaching in the Music, Multimedia, Theatre, and Dance Department at Lehman College (City University of New York) who has performed across the United States and in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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AW/OA 023: Some Do Magic and Some Do Harm [mixed by Matt Miville]

AW/OA 023

Some Do Magic and Some Do Harm [mixed by Matt Miville]

Ponk (aka Matt Miville) is a modest selector of scrupulous technique and taste from Denver, Colorado. "Techno-enthusiast, pug lover; I mostly make mixes for fun to re-listen to my collected music in a fun way." As a friend and long-standing member of the Gays Hate Techno community, AW/OA is honored to host this direct & focused descent into- and dérive through- his archive.

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AW/OA 022: Old Comfort Collision [mixed by Experimental Housewife]

AW/OA 022

Old Comfort Collision [mixed by Experimental Housewife]

Bodies orbit like turntable platters in the balance of equinox. At this equinoctial moment, when light and darkness collide in equal volume, we're enlivened to present an exceptionally special, 100% vinyl, 100% on-the-fly studio mix from DJ/Producer @experimental-housewife (aka Evelyn Marie Malinowski).

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EATEN: reconstituted

AW/OA 021

EATEN: reconstituted

AW/OA 021: Soul Abstractions [mixed by Alala.One]

AW/OA 021

Soul Abstractions [mixed by Alala.One]

Soul Abstractions; abstract takes on soul, soul-full abstractions, and the transposition of soul, drawn away ~ into new contexts and landscapes. For episode 021 of Abstract without Abstraction, we are heartened to present a special, vinyl-only mix from Alala.One. An offering from a veteran selector, Soul Abstractions finds Alala plumbing the depths of her collection for a number of classic gospel & disco spirituals that she 'rarely has the opportunity to play out' in an effort to connect the dots and limn the overlaps of soul's connotation across recordings from 1960 to 2017.

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AW/OA 020: Talien

AW/OA 020


Beginning again, with new ears, informed by everything they've heard, AW/OA is honored to present a cinematic, lusciously mixed, contribution from Taylor Bratches, aka Talien. When Talien found dance music nearly a decade ago, she knew she was home. For Talien, DJing is a personal, political and spiritual act—a way to express, to channel frequencies, to unite people, and to give to others the kinds of formative dance-floor experiences that were given to her.

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AW/OA 019: Systemic Disaffection [mixed by Starka]

AW/OA 019

Systemic Disaffection [mixed by Starka]

Cresting out of the potent core of a fully-eclipsed blood moon, Abstract without Abstraction is energized to present what feels like a truly break-out mix from the up-and-coming NYC-based DJ, Starka. Containing some of the most urgent club sounds that have been featured in the series, Starka’s contribution “Systemic Disaffection” channels the raw, celebratory energy of the packed club, but does so while simultaneously carving out sonic pockets to embrace and care for the dysphoria and trauma that unavoidably rack our fleshly dimensions.

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AW/OA 018: ¡Suda! [mixed by Katherine Peterson]

AW/OA 018

¡Suda! [mixed by Katherine Peterson]

What better way to embrace the summer than with an hour of baile funk, cumbia, Afro-Colombian music, and latinx electronica selected by the world-traveller, dj, radio host, and middle-school math school teacher, Katherine Peterson? A sonography of her travels, ¡Suda! is a blast & a personal selection of tracks that cut an imaginary course, or hopscotch, though the sounds of Latin America. While so many may be riveted by the machinations of eyeball-transfixing FIFA-colonialism this weekend, the sound is a testament to the other worlds that are here with us to celebrate.

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AW/OA 017: Vera Rubin

AW/OA 017

Vera Rubin

Recover from the perpetual hangover of misguided fanatico-patriotism & juvenile nationalistic segregationism with a special, dark tonic from Vera Rubin. Hot on the heels of her recent DIESELcast, the force selector behind xray.fm's Shadow Cruising show frequent collaborator with Portland's HURTR shows us (hears us?) in one focused hour that the will to harness our destiny is an inalienable right in chorus with the chaos of the world (as if there were ever only one).

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AW/OA 016: Mt. Auburn [mixed by Lychee]

AW/OA 016

Mt. Auburn [mixed by Lychee]

Lychee is the creative force behind Spontaneous Affinity, a freeform platform focusing on the support and elevation of those connected with the communal nature of the dancefloor. As a DJ, their monthly residency at Distrikt 1 at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn focuses on the harder and darker edges of techno, so it is a real pleasure to hear them round a corner for Abstract without Abstraction with a special two-hour long ambient mix. While the world approaches the summer solstice this week, let them calibrate the atmospherics of your pure sensation. Find your favorite place in the world (mountauburn.org) and put yourself there in the sound.

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AW/OA 015: Bloom Offering

AW/OA 015

Bloom Offering

Sometimes it can take an uncharacteristically long time for a flower to dehisce. After a series of Spring cold snaps and a-standard weather patterns, Abstract without Abstraction is honored to present a frost-bitten, late winter mix from Seattle’s Bloom Offering. The mix is a heavy, hour-long blend of dissonant EBM & emotional techno suited to urge your body into a new season and celebrate the one-year anniversary of the good ship AW/OA! CW: mention of suicide.

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AW/OA 014: Zone Motif

AW/OA 014

Zone Motif

This episode AW/OA welcomes Zone Motif- the ambient-inflected alias of Denver's Lone Dancer- in advance of his new release 'Augment Reality Breakdown'. Listening in to the swerve and drift of a perpetual fall between genres (ambient, jazz, Tibetan chant, and abstract freakquencies) the mix is a hypnagogic mirror through which to hear and feel your self.

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AW/OA: Debby Friday



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AW/OA 013: Leesh

AW/OA 13


Turning over the leaf of the new year, Abstract without Abstraction is honored to present its first guest mix of the 2018, presented by Leesh. Leesh, also known as Alicia Greco, is a writer, DJ and organizer originally hailing from Buffalo, NY, one of the newest members of Chicago's NBFC (Naughty Bad Fun Collective), and the driving force behind a number of platforms charting the pathways and affinities of underground house & techno in North America and celebrating intersectionality in dance music: Sequencer & the newly launched Daisychain podcast.

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AW/OA 012: feat. the Not Art Records showcase [mixed by Blank For]

AW/OA 12

feat. the Not Art Records showcase [mixed by Blank For]

This week, Abstract without Abstraction celebrates a special little milestone with our twelfth episode, which marks a full 24 hours of mixes released in the series, and we're honored to host a special showcase from the Brooklyn-based Not Art Records, mixed by label founder Blank For. With releases from Ubu Boi, Grammy winner Cory Smythe, Raia Was, and many more, Not Art Records is a digital platform supporting artists making use of electronics in passionate and inspiring ways.

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Mirror Fears - Eaten


Mirror Fears

Written, produced, and recorded by Kate Warner. Additional writers/performers/recorders: (4): Madeline Johnston, (5): Tom Murphy, (7): KokoLA, Jake Danna, Andrew Warner, KeyLady, (9): Shannon Webber. Eaten was mastered in Denver by Randall Frazier

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AW/OA 011: MITAMINE LAB [mixed by Mim & ilind]

AW/OA 011

MITAMINE LAB [mixed by Mim & ilind]

After a short hiatus & a new equinox, Abstract without Abstraction is back with special guest Mim, of Mexico City's MITAMINE LAB, joining us in the second hour of the show. As a radioshow, MITAMINE LAB is broadcast weekly on ibero909.fm & internetpublicradio.live promoting work by overlooked artists. Additionally, ML is a cultural management platform specializing in arts & cultural consulting, with cassette and vinyl distribution planned for this year.

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AW/OA 010: İskeletor [mixed by İskeletor & ilind]

AW/OA 010

İskeletor [mixed by İskeletor & ilind]

In the second hour of episode 10 we're treated to a special guest mix from Istanbul's Kerem Sevinçli, with a searing, full-moon palette-cleanser and a number of world premieres from his İskeletor project.

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AW/OA 009: Mixed by ilind

AW/OA 009

Mixed by ilind

Abstract without Abstraction Mix Series host ilind is back for #9, celebrating independence- beyond State, beyond sovereignty.

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AW/OA 008: Constraint [mixed by kinnickinnick]

AW/OA 008

Constraint [mixed by kinnickinnick]

This weekend, AW/OA is joined by special guest kinnickinnick for a mix of seasonal time stretch; solstice-week, height-of-the-summer body music. Gliding in and out of convention, kinnickinnick asks about the boundaries between listening and dancing. "Can dancing include stillness? Can listening include movement?" - kinnickinnick

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AW/OA 007: Fatherhood [mixed by Entrancer]

AW/OA 007

Fatherhood [mixed by Entrancer]

"A continuum of music of the cosmos resting in a momentary position of influence ... there is no beginning there is no end no side one no side two” - Douglas Leedy, Electric Zodiac. This week, we return with a flagship statement on Abstract without Abstraction – a late-night, all-vinyl mix from AW/OA organizer, Entrancer. Jumping off inspired by the Douglas Leedy quote above, the mix traverses fragments from the spectrum of electronic musics, mapping the peaceful times, the restless times, the tension, and exploration that comes with the territory of raising a child; searching out the in-betweens, absolutes, and complete mysteries that constitute fatherhood.

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AW/OA 006

Mixed by Kiernan Laveaux

This week we continue a streak of special guest mixes with @KIERNAN-LAVEAUX, 1/3 of one of Cleveland's premiere queer electronic parties, @IN-TRAINING. It being pride month, and the beginning of summer here in Denver, this one is dedicated to to everyone: prideful or not, closeted or out; and especially those unable to celebrate because of the political regimes they live within. For the next two hours, live from last month's @IN-TRAINING, it's the soundtrack to intense release & self-love for all of the trans femmes like her. Here's to turning the suffering into celebration.

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AW/OA 005

Mixed by Goreteks

To end this weekend we're joined by Goreteks for two hours of straight Drum and Bass vinyl in celebration of the release of their new EP on Onset Audio. Influenced by dark masters like Tech Itch, Dom & Roland, and BKey, Goreteks [Tyler Schroder & Tracy Strode] have seen releases on US labels Plush, Free Love Digi, Noisydrums, and Section 8; on UK labels Architecture, 117, Omni, and Logical Direction; and EU labels Eastern Promise and Monochrome.

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Riverrun & River Basin [mixed by ilind & Sylvia Shale]

AW/OA 004

Riverrun & River Basin [mixed by ilind & Sylvia Shale]

Special guest Sylvia Shale (@obsoletefuture & @timelife-methrave) joins us in the second hour with a late-night mix recorded in Milan, Torino, Lucerne, Düdingen, Brussels & London.

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Dreamland [mixed by ilind]

AW/OA 003

Dreamland [mixed by ilind]

No words. Requiescat in pace, Robert Miles and Chris Cornell. Keep listening.

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The Cave [mixed by ilind]

AW/OA 002

The Cave [mixed by ilind]

With work from Terry Riley, Curtis Roads, Dedekind Cut, Lionel Marchetti, Logos, serpentwithfeet, and more, this week's show is dedicated to m/others and parents everywhere, and reproductive rights for all.

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The Cave [mixed by ilind]

AW/OA 001

Mayday [mixed by ilind]

This week (Mayday; both International Worker's Day and the emergency radio transmission) is dedicated to the workers (labor/knowledge/sex) of the world.

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All AW/OA mix series illustrations are courtesy of lindersculpture.com

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